Inner Peace- What Beliefs Hold It?

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Each one of us needs inner peace. But can we get it naturally or automatically? Just like trees, rocks, air, sunshine, or water? No right? Inner peace is most important to everyone as it allows you to better health, peace of mind, you will be creative. With inner peace, your energy will be saved, like stress, anxiety, and fear have the capacity to draining out your energy. Your energy is blocked when you are in tension.

But some beliefs are holding us to enjoy inner peace, like when this pandemic stops then I will have peace, I am here to suffer, nobody loves me, when I achieve something significant then I will find inner peace, I am not a lucky person to enjoy a better life when my children get settled then I will be in peace when my family and friends start respecting me then I will be happy. The list will go on and on.

First, you have to let go of all these beliefs. Actually, inner peace is nothing to do with the outer world. It is your state of mind. Here most important is you have to change your limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs. Identify your old belief which gives you painful feelings, find out what stops you, what controls you to change that belief. Start work on that. When you believe in certain things, again and again, it becomes a certainty. So, when you are doing it continuously, it goes into your subconscious mind, becomes permanent.

Then how to come out of it? The following are some simple exercises. Please follow it carefully.

It does not matter what people think or say, what matters is what you think inside you. Just like cleaning your house do clean your mind. Start practicing that erase your old beliefs which give you pain, stress, tension, or low self-esteem. It is stored in your mind just like garbage. Clean it up. In that place write your new positive belief. Do it cautiously as well as firmly.

Then work on your relationships. It may be with your family, with your spouse, with your children, with your friends and relatives, or in your workplace. Are there any over stacked negative memories with them? When anything happened with you which is negative, check it out. If yes, every day or when that situation arises in a pattern it triggers you. So, start identifying that. Resolve the issues. You are the owner of your inner world. Do not allow anyone or any belief to rule your inner world. Take care, be happy, be safe.



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Hello. I came across Shobha Bhat's online counseling.

 I was curious to explore. And trust me, I was not wrong, this counseling immensely helped me to overcome my stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. This counseling helped me to understand how we are responsible to create our own stress, anxiety within ourselves without knowing. It gradually affects your personal and professional life! The unknown cause of your anger, stress at work, home definitely affects your productivity! I was hesitant about taking this online counseling, but trust me it's very simple yet effective techniques which you can practice at home, from your own comfort zone. And Shobha gave me continues support in case of any queries or any additional help needed.

I would strongly recommend this course.

occupation:  Business-IT

All the courses by Mind Programmer and Wellness coach Shobha Bhat are intuitive,


well structured and presented 

to reach everyone with no age bar (i.e small kids to old age). In this modern age, we all live in an environment 

filled with so much stress and negativity that we constantly fight with and get tiered. The simple techniques that she guides us through in these courses to deal with such situations are really the deal breakers!..easy to adopt and will see a +ve change in your lifestyle.

I would also like stress upon another key trait with Shobha Bhat is that she understands children's psychology so well that will surprise anyone how easily she can connect with kids and in no time develops a trust relationship with them to effect a +ve transformation. Overall we are so happy and grateful to her.

We wish her service reaches many millions around the world for a better life!

occupation: Solution Architect- IT

Shobha Bhat My NLP Coach


I watched Shobha’s video and got interested. I was harbouring many fears within myself and had severe anxiety regarding certain issues. I was getting depressed even with fear of unknown.I found Shobha to be very energetic, understanding and amiable person, whom I could trust and share. Shobha helped me understand the issues ans helped me identify and analyse them so as to get rid of them. Today after the sessions I am a different person mentally. I would wish to practice and overcome the fears now on which seems possible.

Thanks Shobha for helping me regain my confidence!

occupation: Home-maker

Wonderful techniques for   boosting confidence. 

The courses have been an excellent stress reliever for me as well as for my daughter.

To compliment the courses, the counselling sessions have been a great help. Those help the kids understand the techniques and maintain a stress free home environment.Very useful methods that help children to feel confident, overcoming their fears. My daughter is a perfectionist and takes too much of stress if she doesnot complete tasks to her expectations. Interaction with Shobha has helped her maintain her health and complete tasks happily.

She enjoyed the easy techniques and applied it for her tests and felt motivated

occupation: Pre-school owner

Online strategy training by Shobha Bhat was highly value additive.


Man management  is the most difficult in all the managements. She explained nicely about how to efficiently identify the strength and weakness of each personnel and how to use their ability to the best. Visualisation and value hierarchy are simple things she taught very well which has had tremendous effect on the performance enhancement. The training has helped the employees to unlock their full potential by realigning their thought process.

We remain thankful to her.

occupation: HR-Head